We are proud to be able to engineer highly customised and unique products for clients. To be so crucial to the functioning  
  of so many trusted brands. To provide quality that matches and even surpasses imports. And yet never draw any attention to ourselves thanks to the 100% hassle-free, long-lasting performance of every single piece of rubber that rolls out of our factory.   
  We are Shree Polymer Products - a company offering dedicated development of rubber sealing components to meet high performance requirements across exciting categories. From finding use in brakes to engines, our formulations portfolio is diverse, expanding our scope of production to reliable sealing products that go into high performance areas such as fuel pumps, water pumps, brakes, etc.  
  With 20 years of experience in fulfilling challenging requirements, we support customers with design, prototyping, production, testing and installation using state-of-the-art design tools, with ease and expertise.  
  Having developed and formulated materials in-house over these years, our rich resource base now boasts hundreds of of proprietary compounds that prove extremely valuable. We have experience manufacturing components with materials such as Viton, EPDM, NBR, HNBR, VAMAC, and Silicone among others.
  Be it supplying standard parts in volume or a single custom-manufactured component, our sealing products are used in diverse fields by leading manufacturers such as Honda, Toyota, Suzuki, Ford, GM, Caterpillar, Tata Motors, TAFE, and M&M among others.  
Quality Assurance
We produce over 20 million components annually, and it is this relentless drive towards lower and lower PPM
that guarantees customer satisfaction. Infact, all our quality systems are certified conforming to
ISO 9001 -2008
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Shree Polymer Products
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Mobile : +91-9940070514 Email : ganesh@sppindia.com